CHAIRMAN’S REPORT                                                                                                                                  

I am pleased to report that although we are still very much in a state of transformation, 2015 has been a strong and steady year for the Delta Foundation.  Our success, measured both quantitatively and qualitatively in having a lasting positive impact on the community of Delta is a testament to our generous donors, fully volunteer board of directors, and the many charities that help to carry out the work. 

From a quantitative perspective the Delta Foundation saw a strong up-tick in the amount of charitable grants that were given this year to very deserving organizations.  We increased charitable grants by approximately 23% through June 2015, and as I write this fiscal 2016 is looking even stronger.  We had a modest increase to our endowment funds in 2015, though we anticipate a sizable increase in fiscal 2016 from which we can continue to benefit Delta residents.  We pledge to be prudent stewards of these gifts and ensure their legacy well into the future. 

Qualitatively, 2015 saw the legacy of our donors enable a host of positive work in the community.  We provided financial support to many families and special groups.  For Families we provided funding for counseling and healthy after school programs.  For those affected by cancer and other illnesses we provided funding for research and those in  care.  For students we provided numerous post-secondary scholarships, and we were once again very fortunate to provide a life enriching week at camp for severely sick and disabled children.   

In my second year as Chairman of the Board of Directors I tasked my fellow board members with the challenging duty to fill the large holes amongst our board membership that were left last year with the passing of one of our members, and the leave of our former Chair.  We are very delighted to have welcomed three new board members: Eleanor Calderwood, Patricia Sibley, and Alfredo Goco.  I’m confident that our board has the skillset and energy to continue raising awareness of the work that the Delta Foundation does on behalf of our donors, and the opportunity that we provide to residents of the Delta community.

Respectfully submitted,

Noël Philippot